Remote online work for marketing and development needs. ( Se inside listings whats needed) is a Norwegian clinic website that is hiring staff.

We also have another website under development. Another one is planned as well for the Norwegian markets.
We currently need several part and full-time experts in:

1. Fullstack developers for frontend and backend work
2. Worldpress development
3. Web designers
4. Digital marketers with experience
5. Social media campaign handlers
6. Content writers
We are looking for highly motivated people to work for us, that do wish to work with an international company.
You can work in remote locations from the comfort of your office or home. You will have to follow our team head
Mr. Usama Malik – The head of our Digital Marketing department lead on the daily work, and be online during working hours and file a daily work report.
If your hired parttime or fulltime:

We offer:
– Agreed monthly payment.
– 5 paid weeks of vacation each year.
– 10 days you / your kids can be sick a year.
– You will have to be present on video/phone calls during working hours.
– We will cover your health insurance and save towards your pension 2% monthly
  in the choice of your pension funds, after you have worked with us for at least 6 months, and onwards.
If you are highly motivated and interested. kindly send us your CV. As a company policy, if you are hired
you will have to provide ID and documentation.

The interview process will be online.
Kindly send us your CV once, at:
[email protected]  ( Only private individuals, no companies or teams as we hire one by one)
Mark the email with headings from one of the 6 above fields we are looking to hire people.
With Regards
Rehan-Bin Nawaz MD. (CEO)
Psychiatrist & Addiction medicine specialist.

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